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Welcome to your new movie studio !

Create new movie types (how about a Dance/Horror movie?), cast actors, frantically manage your unpredictable employees and finally create the Greatest Movie of all Time in this mix of management, RPG and drag and drop mayhem!

Pixely People Making Movies brings you:

  • Fast paced and addicting gameplay in 3 minute sessions, perfect for that short break
  • Plan ahead to get the highest scores, but be prepared to change your plan fast when unexpected things happen
  • Upgrade your employees as they level up, and hire new ones
  • Unlock new Movie themes like Ninja, Western and Fantasy
  • Game Center support with leaderboards and achievements
Available on the App Store

See it in action !

Vampire Velouria

Made by Nekomata Games

We are:
Linnéa Löfdahl (code) and Staffan Ahlström (art)

Have any questions?

Don't be shy! Drop us an email at or talk to us on facebook or twitter - @nekomata_games


Interested in hi-def screenshots and other media?
Download our press pack here !

You can also take a look at our press releases in either
english or swedish

Peder Screenshot
Make sure your employees are at the right place at the right time to create a blockbuster!
Like all people, the Pixely People have good and bad sides. Help them level up the good ones and eliminate the bad.
Capture your audience by finding the perfect mix of genre, theme and actors for your movies. This pirate drama was a hit!